PM Schedule Setup

Schedule Setup Screen

Use the " PM Schedule Setup" screen to define preventive maintenance schedules that you will assign to your equipment. Maintenance schedules contain preventive maintenance services that are required to be done on a date and/or mileage/km/hr interval.

You will want to define your maintenance schedules according to the categories of equipment you will be tracking. For example, you may want to have a maintenance schedule for your delivery trucks, and have another maintenance schedule for your fork lifts.

To add a maintenance schedule:

1) On the main toolbar, click the " PM Schedule" button.

2) Next, click the " New" button in the "Schedule" section at the top of the screen.

The "New Schedule" window will appear:

3) Enter the following information about your schedule:

Schedule Name - The name to identify your schedule (e.g. Fork Lifts, Trucks, Golf Carts, etc).

Track By Date - Check this box if you wish to track by date. When you begin to add PM services to the schedule you will be able to choose the date tracking units (i.e. "Days", "Weeks", "Months", "Years").

Track By Meter (Primary) - Check this box if you wish to track by meter (i.e. Mileage, Kilometers, Hours). Then, choose the appropriate meter type for the maintenance schedule. This will be considered your primary tracking meter.

Track By Meter (Secondary) - Deluxe and Shop Edition Only - Check this box if you wish to track by an additional meter.  This will be considered your secondary tracking meter.

4) Finally, click the " Save" button.

Your new maintenance schedule has been created! You can now add PM services to this schedule.

To add a service to the PM Schedule:

1) Click the " Add" button at the bottom of the " PM Schedule" Setup window.

2) Type the " Service Name" and set the specific tracking intervals, by date or meter.

3) Choose whether or not to " Enable Advanced Notification" and the time period in advance you wish to be notified.

4) Click " Save"

Note: It is important to remember that changes made to a maintenance schedule such as adding, editing, or deleting a PM service will be reflected in all equipment assigned to the schedule that has been altered. For example, if you change a date interval for a particular PM service, the new interval will be used for ALL equipment assigned to that schedule. Adding or deleting a maintenance service will also add/delete the maintenance service in all equipment assigned to that schedule.

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