View, Edit, or Delete Employees

Maintenance Pro Web includes an Employee database so that you can manage employees for labor tracking (Premium Plan), control users' program access, apply location and warehouse restrictions (Premium Plan), and set up email notifications.  This is also where you apply user licenses to employees, enabling them to log in for program access via email and password credentials.

Add new employees as shown in this article: Add New Employees

To view, edit, or delete an existing employee:

1.  Click the Employees button on the Main Menu (1), and choose the employee status from the drop-down filter (2)

2. Choose from the available status options: All, Active, Inactive, or Deleted. 

3. Click to view detail for an existing employee, then select from the buttons to Edit or Delete.

4. Toggle the Allow Login switch to apply (or remove) a user license for this employee, then enter the Employee's Email address.  Check the box "is Administrator" to assign administrator privileges, or leave unchecked and itemize User Permissions.  Additional guidance for security setup is found here: User Permissions

5. Adjust User Permissions as shown in this article: User Permissions

6. Select the desired Notifications the employee will receive:

7. Add or remove Locations and Warehouses to which the employee should have access.  Locations are set up as shown here: Add Locations

8. Click Save when you are finished.

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