Enable Auto Backup

We recommend two approaches to backing up your data: first, enable the program's built-in backup utility to run automatically, and second, include the data directory on your server in your system's usual backup system.  The best approach is the built-in utility, which can be initiated manually via File > Backup Data Files.  This process neatly packages the data in a single .ZIP file that can easily be restored if necessary via File > Restore Data Files.

Auto-Backup can be enabled at File > Options in the General Options section on the Program tab.  In this section you can choose the frequency, number of backups, and destination location which will be maintained.  

1. Check the box to Enable Auto-Backup

2. Set the frequency and number of backups to maintain from the drop-down menus

3. Click the " Browse" button and select the destination location for the backup .ZIP file

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