Job Site Assignment

Although you can organize your equipment into Locations and Categories in the tree or hierarchy to the left of the main Equipment Listing, there may be occasions when you need to temporarily assign a unit to a Job Site.  The program will allow you to track the start and end date and time of the Job Site Assignment, plus track any expenses which you may wish to attribute to this job.

1. Right-click the unit of equipment and choose " Sign Out"

2. Complete the information in the " Assign Equipment" window:

a) Choose whether to assign to an Employee or Customer (optional)

b) Specify the start Date, Time, and Meter 

c) Set the Destination and / or Job Site, and other Optional Details such as a Rate.  A Destination may be a short term assignment, such as a trip or conference, whereas a Job Site is for tracking a longer term engagement, for example when equipment is used for work on a particular job.  If the Job Site has not yet been set up, click the blue " + " to add new.

d) Option to click the tabs at the top of the window to add Expenses such as Fuel or Miscellaneous costs, or add Notes.  These can also be added later.

e)  Print a hard copy Assignment Ticket, or just Save 

3. During the Assignment period, you can add Expenses or Notes.  Go to History > Assignment History then double-click to Edit the entry and click on the designated tab.

4. After the Assignment is complete, right-click the equipment and choose " Sign In"

5. Various reports are available in the "Assignment" category to show history

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