Email Setup & Notifications

Email notifications - available in the Deluxe and Shop/Professional Editions - allow you to keep your employees informed on upcoming maintenance, expirations, and work orders.

You have 2 options when configuring email: using the default client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird) or using the SMTP server information. You may need to obtain this from your IT department or Internet Service Provider.


  1. Go to File > Options
  2. In the General Options section choose the Email Setup tab
  3. Choose the preferred option (email client or SMTP). Enter the server information provided by your IT department. The authentication information is optional.
  4. Note that you may need to modify the security settings of the email client in order to allow it to send emails that are created by another program on your behalf. This is located differently within different email clients. You may want to consult your IT staff if you cannot change it.

Setting up notifications:

  1. Set up the recipient's contact information. Go to the Setup menu and select the correct database: Employees, Customers, or Vendors. Add a new profile, or edit the Contact tab of an existing profile.
  2. Double click on the equipment that you want the recipient to be notified about.
  3. Click on the Email Recipients pull-down menu on the "General" tab, then click "Add Contact."
  4. Select the employee(s) who should be emailed. Check the boxes for "Notify Maintenance" or "Notify Expirations" or "Notify WO" as needed

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