User Permissions

Maintenance Pro Web enables you to determine which employees can log in (applying an available user license), and to control which program tasks and features each employee can access.

On the New or Edit Employee screen, toggle the "Allow Login" option to Yes.  To give full access to all program tasks and features, check the "Is Administrator" box.

For more granular control, leave this option un-checked and make your selections in the User Permissions grid.  Create, Edit, and Delete permissions can be enabled for a variety of tasks.  Note at the bottom of this section that several pre-defined security templates are provided:

  • Default Profile - enables the user to Create and Edit Repairs and Fuel Entries, Process Work Orders, and Create and Process Purchase Orders
  • Read Only Profile - enables the user only to view program data
  • Superuser Profile - enables all

You can also control which Locations and Warehouses the employee can access:

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