Export to Excel Spreadsheet

Your software has extensive options for exporting data to Excel or to another spreadsheet software. You can export data from any report in Report Viewer, or from your Reports menu, as well as from most grids.

1. From a data grid

Right-click in any grid view (e.g. Fleet Manager, Parts Inventory Management) and choose " Export" from the popup menu:

Choose "Microsoft Excel" from the pull-down menu, click the " Export" button, and then select the location and name your file.

2. From Report Viewer

a) Click the Print icon in the top left corner of Report Viewer.

b) Check the box for "Print to File" and choose "Type." You have two options: "XLS Data File" and" XLS Report File." Try both to see which better fits your needs.

  • XLS Data File exports the data ONLY, with no headers or formatting
  • XLS Report File preserves the headers, page layout, summaries, and other select information

  c) Click on the button with 3 dots to browse to the destination folder where you want to save your spreadsheet, then click " OK"

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