Equipment Usage (Summary) Report Results Too High/Low

The Equipment Usage (Summary) report calculates the meter difference within a given date range.  A minimum of two meter readings are required within the date range, otherwise the report will display "Insufficient Data"

As a reminder, you can sort reports by date range as shown here: Filter By Date In Report Viewer

In some cases, you will see summary values far exceeding your expected meter usage.  This usually happens due to data entry errors, where users may have meter update entries made out of sequence.

Follow the steps below to check your Meter Update Log and adjust any incorrect entries:

1. Go to Fleet > Meter Update Log

2. Click in the selection box in the Equipment column header to restrict results to the unit in question.

3. Click in the Log Date column header to sort results by date - one click sorts ascending, and a small triangle appears to show the current sort.  A second click sorts descending.

An example is shown here.  This Subaru Forester has 16,165 miles on the odometer.  However, the Equipment Usage (Summary) report is showing 14,647 total mileage in a single month.

Following the steps above to display the meter log results for this unit for the month in question, the entry with the error stands out.

(Note: The Equipment Usage (Detailed) report also displays the SOURCE of the meter update, so that you can pinpoint where your errors are being made)

After adjusting the incorrect entry in the Meter Update Log screen, or editing the incorrect work order, my meter usage for the month correctly displays as high minus low within the date range, or 14306 - 13261 = 1045

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