Save or Remove Part Warehouse

Fleet Maintenance Pro Shop Edition and Maintenance Pro Professional Edition allow you to track parts inventory quantities in multiple warehouses.  Before receiving inventory into a warehouse, the warehouse must be saved for this part.  You may later wish to remove a warehouse that is no longer used.

Click the Parts button on the main toolbar to view Parts Inventory Management.  

Select the part in question and click Edit then go to the Inventory tab (a), and select the tab for the desired Warehouse (b).  

Click the TOP Save button (c), then add a part receipt if desired by right-clicking in the grid (d), and finally click the BOTTOM Save button (e).

Do not DELETE a part from the inventory listing if you only with to remove it from a specific warehouse.  Deleting a part removes all warehouse records.  To REMOVE a saved warehouse, go back to the Inventory tab, click on the tab of the warehouse in question to select it, then RIGHT-click and choose Remove From Warehouse

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