Initial Data Import Service

We do offer the option to build a database for you with pre-loaded Equipment, Parts, Employees and Vendors. This is recommended if you have a lot of initial data entry that would need to be done to quickly get your software into a more usable state.

Important: If you decide to use our data importing service, you will lose any existing data that you've already entered into the system. This includes maintenance history, maintenance schedules, fuel history, repair schedules, maintenance due dates, etc. 

We can import data into the 4 categories below. Click on each of the links below to download the corresponding template file.

Import Template - Equipment

Import Template - Parts

Import Template - Employees

Import Template - Vendors

Each template comes in a .CSV format, and must be provided back to us in the same format. Column headers include numbers to indicate character limits.

Email the completed templates to with your company name and we'll reply back with further instructions.

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