Scheduling A Repair

Our software has the ability to schedule a repair for a piece of equipment. This could be an unexpected a repair, or a repair that falls outside of your normal preventive maintenance. You can also give the repair a due date, so that it is not missed. If the repair becomes overdue, it will show as an overdue item on your equipment list.

To schedule a repair, right click on an item in your equipment list and choose the Repair option:

Here is the New Repair Request window:

Equipment - This is the unit in need of repair.
Requested By -  Choose who is making the request here.
Due Date - This is the date which you want the repair done by. If the due date passes, the equipment will show Overdue on your equipment list.
Repair By (meter) - Instead of a date, you can specify that you want the repair done at a certain odometer meter reading.
Suppress notification of listed repairs - Use this option if you don't want to be reminded of this repair until later. For example, if you know the repair will be taken care of during your next regular scheduled preventive maintenance then you may wish to check this box so it is not showing as overdue earlier than intended.

Click the Add Repair button to specify what you would like repaired. You can choose an item from the drop down that appears, or simply type text into the box.

Press Save on the bottom if you are done adding repairs. Press Save+ if you wish to enter a repair request for a different unit (you can change the unit on the top).

Do I need to schedule a repair first, or can I just add it straight into a work order?
You can add a repair straight from the work order. It does not necessarily have to be requested or scheduled first.

Is there a limit to how many repairs I can add?
You can add as many repairs as you would like.

How do I change what shows up in the drop down box for Repair names?
This can be edited under Setup at the top | Choice Lists | Click Maintenance on the left and then highlight Repairs on the left. Modify the list on the right. These values affect the repair screen.

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