Email Setup And Notifications

Email notifications is a feature which allows you to keep your employees informed of upcoming maintenance, expirations, and work orders. 
Note: This feature is only available on the Deluxe and Shop editions of Fleet Maintenance Pro.

Email Configuration

Our program is setup to either use your Default email client which is installed on your local PC (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) or you can use SMTP settings. 

To configure this, go to Setup | User Preferences. Click the E-mail Setup tab at the top.

Here you will have the option to use Default or SMTP. Most users leave it set to default e-mail client, as their computers already have Outlook or another email client already setup and functional.

The settings here are computer-specific. If you use SMTP, for example, you will need to go to all computers that need to send email notifications and configure their SMTP settings.

Note: You may need to modify the security settings of the email client in order to allow it to send emails that are created by another program on your behalf. This is located differently within different email clients. You may want to consult your IT staff if you cannot change it.

What do I put into the 'Use SMTP server' option?
Most users are fine with default e-mail client. If you want to use the SMTP option, you will need to get this information from your IT person or from your email provider. The settings here differ depending on who you use as your email service.

How To Setup Notifications

On the left click on People. Double click an employee to edit them. Click on the Notifications tab at the top. Here you can set which equipment you want this employee to be notified about.

You can also setup a notification from your Equipment Edit screen, if you only want to setup a notification for the one item. Go to your Equipment List | Right click on an equipment and choose Edit | Click on Notifications on the right. You can add/delete notifications here.

When editing notifications from here, you do have the option of choosing Customers and Vendors as well as Employees from the tabs at the top:

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