Trial Edition - Can I Keep My Data After Purchase?

I've installed the Fleet Maintenance Pro trial and am thinking of purchasing the software. Will I be able to bring my data from the trial edition to the full version?
Yes, you absolutely can! The trial edition is the single-user version of our software with a 30 day time limit. If you purchase the single-user edition, all you'll have to do is enter in the user name and serial number on the registration screen (you can go to Help | Register as well) and it will become the full version with no time limit.

What if I am purchasing the network edition?
If you have purchased the network edition, we will send you a different installation file than the one you've used for the trial. However, your data can still be kept! In the Single User version go to File and choose Backup. Create a .zip backup. The .zip file holds all of your data/units/equipment/parts/etc. Then, install the network version of the software using the instructions we email to you. After the installation is complete, go to File | Restore and choose the .zip file you created earlier to restore all of your original data.

What if I am purchasing the SQL edition?
Create a .zip file from your Single User version by going to File | Backup. You will need to email us this .zip file to manually convert it into a usable SQL format.

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