PM Schedule Setup - Service Associations | Linking Parts And Labor To PM

Service Associations

Our software has the ability to 'associate' (or link) parts and labor with a PM Schedule Template service. Setting this up allows you to automatically add parts/labor to a work order when a specific maintenance task needs to be done.

To get started, go to Setup at the top and click on Associations:

On the top left, choose a PM Schedule from the drop down to view all equipment linked to the schedule. Note: Make sure your PM Schedule Template is already setup first, and the proper vehicles have the template assigned to them:

Once you choose the template, you'll see a list of vehicles on the left hand side. Here, you have the ability to choose one at a time, multiple from the list, or all of them. Use the CTRL and SHIFT keys to help with highlighting. Whichever equipment is highlighted is what the Part / Labor / Instructions on the right side will apply to. For example, if I only wanted to edit part associations for A001 above, I would keep that as the only thing highlighted. If all of my equipment need the same part associations, I'd highlight and make them all blue before adding anything to the right.

On the right we have three tabs, Part Associations, Labor Associations and Instructions.

Part Associations
This is used if I want a certain part to always be added to a work order when performing a certain task. Click on Add on the top right to add a new part association (or highlight an existing line and press Edit if you want to make changes). This screen will appear:

Under Task, choose the type of repair you want to associate the part to and select it via the drop down box.

When Assigned Part is selected below, you'll have the ability to choose a part in your inventory and a quantity. This is what's going to automatically get added to the work order. If you don't want to add a part, but still want a part 'cost' to apply, choose the Fixed Cost option and enter an amount. Press the Save button and it will show up on your associations list.

Labor Associations
This tab is used if you want to link an employee or vendor to a maintenance task so that it auto-populates to the work order. Click the Labor Associations tab and click Add or Edit on the top right:

Here you'll choose the service, the employee or vendor, and the hourly rate and number of hours. If you don't want to choose an employee or vendor, but still want a labor charge to appear, choose the Fixed Cost option. Press Save when finished.

On a work order, each maintenance task has the ability for notes to be added to it. The Instructions tab lets you automatically create notes for a specific service. Choose a service from the drop down, type in text to the box below and press Save.

Clicking the Select button will allow you to choose an outside document to link into the note box. You'll see how this appears on the Work Order below.

Putting It All Together

Lets see how this all looks on a new Work Order. I'll create a Work Order for my unit A001 and add the Trans Filter task to it, which has my associations:

Notice that the part is already filled out for me, along with the required labor for this task.

Clicking on the A in the Notes column shows me the Instructions I associated with the task:

And my Attachments tab has the file I selected earlier on the Instructions tab for easy reference.

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