Job Site Assignment - Sign In/Out Equipment

One of the features of our software is to assign an item from your equipment list to a job site. Although you can organize your equipment into Locations and Categories in the tree or hierarchy to the left of the main Equipment screen, there may be occasions when you may need to temporarily assign a unit to a Job Site.

To assign equipment to a job site, go to your Equipment list | right click the equipment and choose the Sign Out option:

The Assign Equipment screen will appear with the equipment unit # already loaded into the first box for you.

Lets go over the options in more detail.

Usage: You have the option to Sign the Equipment out to a Job Site, Employee or Customer. This feature is mostly used for Job Site but the other options are included for added flexibility.
Job: Here you can specify the job site. If you do not see the job site you want in the list, click the + sign to the right to add a new one.
Employee: Here you can specify which employee the equipment is signed out to (optional).

Next, you have your OUT and IN dates, times and meter readings. The OUT will be filled in automatically. 

Assigned Period: When you sign your equipment back in this line will show the amount of time that has passed between sign out and sign in.
Optional Details: You can fill out thees extra detail boxes if you'd like. The Rate line will automatically reflect a value based on the amount of time that has passed between sign out/in.
Print assignment ticket: If this is checked the Assignment Ticket report will automatically generate upon save.

Lets quickly go over the other two tabs.

Expenses Tab: Here you can note fuel and misc expenses. Right click the boxes to add entries.
Notes: Any additional notes about the assignment will go here. Type and Save when done.

I signed out and signed in my equipment on a past date. How do I back-date an assignment entry?
After you click Sign Out, you can type into both the IN and OUT lines and backdate them to the correct date and times. The system will recognize that this is a historical entry and the vehicle has already been signed back in.

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