PM Schedule Setup - Linking Services Together

Linked Services

In some instances you may want to set up a PM Schedule which includes linked maintenance tasks. For example, a PM Schedule may include a 5,000-mile service and a 10,000-mile service.  When you add the 10,000-mile service to a work order or maintenance record, you want to automatically include all those tasks on the 5,000-mile service as well.

Note that in order to link tasks, the tracking interval must be either "Mileage Tracking" or "Date Tracking" by the same date type (day/week/month/year).  The primary task recurring interval must be set up so that it is divisible by the meter or day interval of the secondary task.  In other words, if the tasks are due every 6 months and 1 year, these should be set up as recurring every 6 months and 12 months, or every 180 days and 360 days.

To demonstrate this the best, we will start a new PM Schedule Template and add some services in.

I've clicked on Setup | PM Schedule Templates and added a new template to the left hand side called 'Linked Services Demo' that is tracked by Mileage. I've added a 5k Service and 10k Service as separate tasks:

Now I can link the 10k service to the 5k. Notice that 5 goes into 10. If it was a 10k and 7k service, they would not link together.

I double clicked my 10k service to edit it and clicked on the Advanced tab. I now have the option to link the other service to it. I check the box 'Linked pm service' and choose 5k from the drop down and save it:

On my Setup Template screen it now shows a service as being linked. Note, if you don't see this, you may have to close and re-open the window to refresh it:

Lets add this 10k service to a Work Order and see what it does!

I've assigned my 'Linked Services Demo' template to a vehicle and opened a new Work Order. I've added a 10k Preventive task:

Upon saving the task, my Work Order automatically adds my 5k Service:

Is there a way to link the 'timing' of the two services together? For instance, if I do the 5k task early, I also want my 10k done early.
We include an option for this in our settings. Note that this also works in the other direction, for instance if my 5k service was performed late, at 6k miles, the 10k service will be pushed ahead and postponed to 11k miles. To enable this,go to Setup on the top menu and click on Settings. Click on the Program Settings tab at the top and check the box "Push/Pull linked service intervals". 

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