PM Schedule Setup - Master Tasks

Master Tasks

In some instances, you will want to include a Master task on your PM Schedule.  For example, you may have a 5,000 Mile Service which includes several individual sub-tasks that should all be performed at that time.  Creating a Master / Sub task relationship will enable you to add a single task to a work order or maintenance record which has been designated as a Master, and all of the Sub tasks will be included.  

Note: Once a task is designated as a sub task, it will inherit the same maintenance interval as the master. So, if the master is set for every 5k miles, the sub task will inherit that.

To start setting this up, go to Setup on the top menu and click on PM Schedule Templates. Select an existing template and create a task on the right that will be your Master Task.

Once your Master Task is saved, go ahead and create some Sub Tasks that you would like to link to the master. Your setup should look similar to this:

Now, we can edit the Sub Tasks to put them underneath the Master Task. Edit one of the Sub Tasks and choose Master Task on the top right for the Master drop down:

Do this for all Sub Tasks. When you are done your PM Setup screen will look like this:

Now, lets see how it looks on a Work Order. Assign this template to a piece of equipment and create a new Work Order. Add the 'Master Task' to the work order. Note: Sub tasks are not eligible to be chosen here as maintenance to add, only Master Tasks.

On my Work Order, all sub tasks are automatically added. Note that you will need to click the + sign to the left of the Master Task to show the tasks underneath it.

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