Advanced Search - Utilizing The Row Filter

The Row Filter

Note: These advanced search functions normally do not need to be used. Organizing equipment into categories and utilizing the existing search box works very well for most situations. However, if you have an exceptionally large number of records to sort through, this may come in handy.

Built within most of the screens in our software is a 'Show Row Filter' option. You can find this by clicking the gear icon on the top right and choosing Show Row Filter.

Once you click on that you'll see a new blueish line appear. This is our row filter:

If I wanted to search for something in a column, I could type into that line and the program will sort through the values to find what I'm looking for. For instance, if I wanted to search for models that began with the letters 'Exp' I could type that into the line to search for it:

Note that additional information about your advanced row filter search appears on the bottom of the screen:

You can click the Customize button to filter results even further if you wish, by adding additional search criteria.

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