Security Module: Step 1 - First Time Setup

The Security Module is an optional add-on which enables you to keep your equipment and company data safe by requiring user logins and passwords for program access. You can setup Security Profiles with specific settings on what is and is not allowed to be accessed within the software. If you are interested in purchasing the security module add-on please give us a call or email us at

First steps

Once your purchase of the security module has been processed, you will receive a new serial number for product registration. This will need to be activated on all computers in order for them to get a username and password prompt when logging in.

Note: Before making any major changes to the software, we always recommend going to File and Backup, and creating a backup of your data.

On all computers, go to Help at the top and then Register:

Enter in your new registration key you received on the next screen:

After registering, close and re-open the software. You will not be prompted for a User Name and Password:

I've registered my new key, but I'm not getting prompted for a username or password when I open the software back up.
When opening the software, on the desktop right click the Fleet Maintenance Pro icon and choose the option 'Run as Administrator'. Then try to register again. Sometimes our software needs additional privileges in order to register properly.

How do I login now, since I haven't had a chance to setup any passwords yet?

Do not worry! The program comes with a default username and password. You can use this to get back into the software and set everything up. Here are the two defaults to try.

Username: Admin
Password: password

If that combination does not work, try this next.

Username: IMS
Password: imsuser

If it still does not work, check your keyboard and make sure caps lock isn't on. You may want to also restart and try again.

Once you are logged back into the software, proceed to Step 2.

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