Security Profile: User Permissions Tab

What is the User Permissions tab in the Manage Security Profiles screen used for?

This tab is used to provide an override to a user's currently selected profile settings.

Lets use an example to better explain this. I have a Test Profile setup where all users on this profile do NOT have the ability to delete Work Orders, as I left that unchecked:

However, I wish for one employee on this profile to have the ability to delete Work Orders, without making a new profile just for them and without giving that access to everything.

This is where the User Permissions tab comes in handy. Here, I can override my employee's normal permissions to give them extra ability to do what they need.

Click on the User Permissions tab. On the left I've chosen the profile in question, so I can see all employees attached to the profile. I've highlighted Edwin's name on the left so I can modify his permissions on the right hand side. 

In this example, I'm giving employee Edwin the ability to Delete Work Orders by adding it in as a user permission:

Anything listed in the Current User Permissions box is what the user is allowed to do. This goes above and beyond whatever is setup on their profile.

Most of the time you will not need to use this tab, as most items are setup in Profile Permissions. However, if you have a one-off circumstance, like the example provided above, this may be useful.

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