Work Orders: How To Create A New Work Order

The Work Order system is a great way to manage work flow and task progress.
Note: Work Order Management is only available with the Shop edition.

There are a few ways to create a work order. We'll go over them below.

From The Home Screen

If you have repairs or tasks that are due, you will be able to issue work orders directly from your Home screen using the "Issue WO" button.

From The Equipment Screen

On your equipment list, highlight a piece of equipment and click the Issue WO button at the top. Or, you can right click an item and choose Issue WO from that menu.

From The Work Orders Screen

On the left, click the Work Orders menu item. Then click on the +New button on the top right.

Does the equipment need due or soon due tasks to have a Work Order created?
A due or soon due task is not required to create a work order. You could make a blank Work Order and add any amount of work you wish to it.

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