- Introduction To Reports

Here is a quick video tutorial on using Reports in Fleet Maintenance Pro.

Accessing Reports

Fleet Maintenance Pro comes with a very powerful report generation system. To access it, click on Reports on the left hand side. This will pull up the Report Viewer screen. We will go over the details of this screen below.

Report Tree

On the left hand side you will see a list of report categories. Beneath each category you will have either subcategories or report names that can be run. Click on a report name on the left to select the report. This will automatically show a preview on the right hand side with default filters.

Report Filters

On the top you will have varying filters to choose from, depending on the report you've decided to run. Most reports will have a date range you can choose at the top.

Additional Criteria Filters

One of the drop down boxes on the top is for Additional Criteria. Click on this to narrow down your report even more. You can search by specific report fields to limit the results that display. You can choose the field to limit results by, the logic condition, and the value.

Printing Reports And Saving Them As A PDF or Spreadsheet

On the top left of the preview screen you will see a small printer icon. Click on this to show the print dialog page.

You can choose a printer at the top and press OK to immediately being printing. 

If you wish to save the report as a file, check Print to File on the bottom. Choose the file type and click the [...] button on the right to choose a file name and location. Pressing OK when Print To File is checked will only save the report, it won't actually send to the printer.

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