Search, Sort & Filter Data

As you accumulate equipment records, it may become more challenging or time-consuming to find the data you are looking for. Here are some search and filter methods to make this quicker and easier.

1. Sort by column: click any column header to sort alpha-numerically, or click a second time to reverse the sort order.

2. Filter as you type: click any column header and simply start typing the name of the entry, the highlight will jump to the first instance.

3. Filter individual columns: click the drop-down arrow in the column header to view a list of all possible choices for that entry. Check the boxes for those values you wish to include in the results.

4. Custom column filter: click the drop-down arrow in the column header and choose "Custom" to specify multiple criteria.

5. Show row filter: check the box on the bottom toolbar and an additional row will appear under the column headers, allowing you to enter search criteria for multiple columns at the same time.

Use the percent symbol (%) as a wildcard if you are not sure what the entry starts with; for example, you can search the parts database by entering %oil in the name column to display all parts which have the word "oil" anywhere in the part name.

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