Built-In Help Resource - Getting Started

Being new to the Maintenance Pro line of software can be overwhelming!  The software has so many capabilities and options that it can be hard to know where to get started.  If you get "stuck" on any given task, and are unsure of how to proceed, the built-in Help Resource can show you the next step in the right direction.  Help is accessed by clicking the blue circle question mark "Help" button in the lower right corner of most windows.  

Note that the Help button will take you directly to the correct section in the Help Resource that pertains to that window view or task. 

For example, clicking "Help" here ...

... takes you to the section shown below.  You can identify your article in the "Table of Contents" in the left pane, as well as view related topics in that same section.

Help topics are designed to be easy-to-follow, with screenshots of windows you may see as you step through each task.

While you are checking out the articles, take a look at the "Index" and "Search" tabs for even more useful ways of finding information.

The "Index" tab will take you to a list of keywords; scroll up and down through the list, or just start typing in the box to jump to a letter in the alphabet.

The "Search" tab will allow you to enter any term and then displays a list of topics that are related to your issue.

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