Report Designer - Change a Field

The simplest report customization is to change an existing data field, along with its corresponding label.  A label is generally positioned in a Header section of a report, while a data field is positioned in the Detail area.

You can also adjust the size and positioning if needed to display the new content.

For this example, I will customize the " Equipment Listing" report by changing the Color field to License Plate.

1. Click the " Reports" button on the main toolbar, expand the "Equipment" section in the left pane, then select the "Equipment Listing" report 

2. Click the " Customize" button at the bottom of the window and you will open to the Design tab

3. Select the Color label field as shown here:

4. Highlight the text in the Edit Toolbar (it should turn blue) and type " Lic. Plate"

5. If you need to adjust the size or position of the label, hover your mouse over any circle in the border of the label until your cursor changes to a double-headed arrow.  Then click and drag to the desired position.

For more precise adjustments, hold down your Shift key and use the arrow keys to resize, or hold down your Control key and use the arrow keys to nudge the position.

6. Select the Color data field as shown here:

7. Choose " Plate or Tag No" from the drop down menu of data fields

8.  Be sure to save your changes by going to File > Save

9. Check out your results by clicking the " Preview" tab

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