Install And Configuration - SQL Edition - Workstation

Important Information - Before You Start

Make sure to have the FMP database already setup on your SQL server instance prior to installing the SQL version on the workstations. 

Workstation Installation

To install the SQL edition of Fleet Maintenance Pro 15, please run the fmp2019_sql.exe setup file. If the file is not available, please refer to your original order email for the download link. You can also email us at with the name the software is licensed to and we'll send you a download link.

Note: For the best results, make sure you run the setup file as administrator, and that the windows user you are logged in with has full local admin privileges. You may also wish to temporarily disable your antivirus to prevent it from blocking anything during the install process.

Choose Client Only when prompted:

It will now ask for program file location. You can normally accept the defaults here:

The next screen is the Database Connection screen. What you use here depends on how your SQL database was originally setup.

Remote Host Name (recommended) - In the box type SERVERNAME\SQLINSTANCE if connecting to a named instance or SERVERNAME if connecting to a default instance. Which one you will depend on how SQL was originally setup on the server.

Server IP Address - If the server computer has a local static IP address you may wish to use this option.

Use Windows Authentication - Usage of this option will depend on how your SQL server was setup. Most of the time you should be able to leave this option checked. Otherwise, you will need the SQL database credentials to connect (Note that these credentials are separate from any setup within the software for the Security Module, if you have that add-on).

Click next to choose start menu folder. Then click on Install.

Afterwards, start the software. If successful, it should ask you to register with a user name and product key. Once you put this information in the software will load up your home screen and equipment list.

Note: If you start the program and nothing happens, please wait a minute or two. Once the connection timeout is reached, you will get an error message with the reason a connection could not be made. Then, after clicking through the error, you will see a Network Connection box. Here you will have the opportunity to choose a different database connection option, or correct an already existing entry that may have been misspelled:

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