Vendor Management

To access your Vendor list, go to Setup at the top and choose Vendors.

You can also click Vendors on the left menu.

Here you will see a list of all Vendors setup in the system. On the top right you'll have the New. In the Action column you will have an Edit button and a More button.

Click on New on the top right to add a new Vendor. Here is the New Vendor window:

Enter in as much information here as you'd like. The more detailed the better, in case you need to reference anything later. At bare minimum, we need to have the Name box filled in. Please note, you cannot have two vendors with the same name. Each Vendor needs to have a unique name.

Another important box on this screen is the Type box. This is useful for categorizing your vendors so you know who does what.

The Contact tab at the top is a place to add additional information such as phone number and email address. The Attachments tab can include an image or PDF if you so wish.

How do I add more items to the Type box?
From your home screen go to Setup | Choice Lists. Click Vendor Types on the left and then click New on the bottom right to add a new Type. You can also edit and delete items from this list.

Do I have to setup a vendor or is it optional?
You technically don't need to enter any vendors into the system to utilize Work Orders, Inventory, etc. However, it does help if you need to know where your parts were purchased from, or if you need to outsource any labor, so you can track things appropriately.

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