Columns, Searches and Filters

Columns, Searches and Filters

Our software has a number of built-in features to help make viewing and searching through your data easier. Most of the screens in our software will organize data by sortable columns to make it easy for you to find what you're looking for.

Adding and Moving Columns

On the top left of the Equipment List (and other places within the software, such as Work Orders) you will find an asterisk icon. Clicking on this gives you the ability to show/hide data that you care about. Everything that is checked will be its own column. Note you can also get to this by clicking the Gear on the top right and choosing 'Customize columns'.

You can also drag and drop the headers to move the columns around on the screen. In this example, I was dragging the Next Service column over to the left, so that it shows up in front of the Model column. Notice the green arrows. These will show you where the dragged column is going to go when you release the mouse button.

Now the meter column shifted to the left:

Sorting And Filtering Columns

Clicking on any column header will change the sort order of that column. For example, clicking on Unit Number at the top it sorting my column starting at Z and going down:

If I want to only display certain items within a column you can do so by utilizing the column filter. To access the filter, put your mouse cursor over a column header name and click the filtering icon shown here. Note that it's hidden until you mouse goes over the header:

Now I get a check box list of items that I want to display. Anything that is unchecked will be hidden:

I checked Compressor and only the compressors are showing now:

Clicking on Custom... will give you more advanced search criteria if you wish to be even more specific.

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