Custom Labels

You will come across a number of windows which have Custom  Fields. These are labels that you can customize to better fit how you are using the software.

For example, I have some Custom Fields available on my Equipment Edit screen here:

A large number can be found in the Specifications tab on the right:

You can utilize these however you wish. To change a label, click on the blue text. 'clickable'.

Type a new name for your label and press OK to save it:

The original label will be replaced with whatever you typed in:

What does the 'Save Custom Labels As Default' checkbox on the bottom do?
Checking this box means that whatever custom labels are currently showing for the equipment will apply to any NEW equipment added to the software. It will not affect existing labels setup for equipment.
Note: This includes ALL labels setup on the tabs on the right side for Specifications, Warranty, Purchase, etc. Unless you are okay with all of those labels being applied to every new vehicle, do not save them as defaults.

Does this custom label show up for other equipment?
It does not. Each set of equipment has its own set of custom labels for maximum customizability.

Is there a way to apply labels to multiple piece of equipment at the same time?
Yes. However, before attempting this, make a backup by going to File and Backup. When editing multiple rows of equipment, it's very easy to accidentally update something we don't want applied to all rows. This will lead to all equipment having the same meter reading, wiping their PM Schedule and replacing it with one we don't want, giving them all the same make/model, etc. Case in point: be very careful editing multiple rows of equipment!

After you have made your backup, go to your equipment list. Click on a row to highlight it. Hold down the SHIFT key and click a few rows below. This will choose everything in between. If you only want to pick certain ones, hold down the CTRL key instead. With CTRL held down, every row you click on will be highlighted individually. Once you have highlighted all of the rows you want (we recommend only selecting a few at a time) right click a highlighted row and choose Edit.

The Multi-Assignment mode screen appears. Remember, anything entered or changed here will affect all equipment that you have highlighted. Please make sure to backup before this step! Make sure to only edit custom field labels and nothing else.

In the custom fields section, you will see a text box to the right. The label is on the left, but it is empty. This is normal. You can still click the spot where the label would be to make changes to it. Once you make a change it will show up in red:

When you are done, click Save on the bottom. Double check all of the equipment you highlighted previously. Make sure the labels look good, and make sure nothing else about them has been changed.

Please note, you cannot undo any changes made here. If something like the Meter reading got updated here to a bunch of equipment by accident, you will either have to manually fix it or restore a backup.

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