Adding New Equipment

Here is a quick video tutorial of how to add equipment to Fleet Maintenance Pro: 


Click on Equipment on the left to get to your equipment list. Then, click on the New button on the top right:

This will bring you to the New Equipment screen:

At the very least, the system needs a  Unit #. This is how the system will identify the equipment from this point forward, so make sure it's something easy for you to reference and understand, as you will be seeing it a lot through the software. The rest of the boxes are optional. Click on the tabs on the right hand side to add additional information about the equipment.

Note that you can always fill this screen out with minimal information and then come back to it later. On your equipment list, if you right click a unit and choose "Edit" the software will bring you back to this screen so you can finish entering in data. 

What does the Save + on the bottom mean?
Save + means that you want to save this equipment and immediately create a new one. It will save what you have and clear the boxes out for the next vehicle/equipment to be entered.

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