Meter Updates

How Do I Update Equipment Meters?

Updating meter readings for equipment is important, as all of the PM Schedule Templates and Maintenance Tracking relies on meter updates to notify you of when upcoming maintenance is due.

There are a few different methods of updating the meter for a piece of equipment. We'll go through them all below.

Note: If you are looking at how to automatically update meter readings, that information is towards the bottom.

Updating Meters From Your Equipment List Screen

On the top menu, click the Quick Actions button. Click 'Update Meter Readings'.

Or you can click the Update Meters button on the top right.

This will open up the Update Meter Readings window:

The only columns you'll be able to type into are the Current columns and the Last Updated column. Note that the meter types are all obtained via the PM Schedule Template assigned to the equipment, or the meters chosen on the Edit Equipment screen if no template is selected for the equipment.

You can simply type into the boxes all the way down and press Save. This is the easiest way of manually inputting meters for equipment.

If you are in the Edit Equipment Screen, you can also update meters individually here. This method is only recommended if you have one or two meters to update.

Updating Meter Reading During An Inspection

If you have setup Daily Inspections within your PM Schedule Template, you can update the meter reading while filling out your inspectoin:

Updating Meter Readings Upon Completing A Work Order

Whenever a Work Order is set complete, you will be presented with the option to update the meter reading here:

Updating Meter Readings When Adding A Fuel Transaction

If you are manually adding a Fuel Transaction to equipment, you will be given a box to type in the meter reading.

How Do I Automatically Update Meter Readings?

This is a common request, as entering in meter readings on a regular basis can take its share of time. We have a few methods of doing so.

Utilizing The Fuel Import Module To Automatically Update Meters
If you have purchased the Fuel Import Module then you will be able to update meter readings based on the fuel import data. You can access this by going to Tools in the top menu and choosing Fuel Transactions. When importing fuel records, the spreadsheet or text file you get from your fuel program usually includes a fuel filled date and an odometer reading. While updating the fuel entries in our software we can automatically pull in the odometer readings for the equipment at the same time and update them. This is the most convenient way of updating meters if you are utilizing a fuel system with that odometer data. If you wish to purchase the Fuel Import Module, please contact us at

Odometer Import Utility Information
We have another add-on module called the Odometer Import Utility which is available for purchase. You can find this by going to Tools on the top and choosing Meter Updates. Purchasing this enables the option to import a text file with odometer readings. However, there are a few caveats. The text file must be in a specific format in order for it to work and you'll need software that produces an odometer text file for you. If at all possible, we recommend using the Fuel Import Module mentioned above instead of the Odometer Import Utility, as it is a lot more customizable.

Does Your Software Import Meter Readings From My GPS System?

At this time, our software does not directly interface with GPS/ELD systems, though this is something we are currently researching. If your GPS system can export a text file filled with meter readings we may be able to use it with the Odometer Import Utility mentioned above.

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