Equipment Renewals

Equipment renewals are in their own category, and do not fall under Preventive Maintenance and Repairs. Renewals are something that you would like to track and keep tabs on to tell when something is overdue, but you don't necessarily need to create a Work Order for it.

Some examples of renewals include Motor Vehicle Registrations, Inspections, Emissions Testing, and Certifications However, you can technically create a renewal for anything you'd like.

To setup a renewal, go to your Equipment list and click the Action button on the far right. Choose the 'Task Setup' option.

You can also right click any equipment row to get to the Task Setup option.

Inside of Tasks, click on the Renewals tab. To add a Renewal, click Add on the bottom, or right click an empty space in the middle and choose Add:

You can enter any name you'd like for the renewal, along with the date the renewal expires:

Overdue Renewals

Renewals are tracked in the Equipment List the same way Preventive Maintenance and Due Repairs are. Renewals can become overdue to let you know the equipment needs attention:

Unlike regular maintenance, a Work Order will not clear this overdue status. On your equipment list, click the plus sign to the left of the unit name/number to show the extra line underneath.

Next, right click on the renewal you wish to address and choose Update Expiration:

This will bring you to the expiration update window. Set what the new expiration date will be and save the change:

The system will remember the new expiration date and track it accordingly.

You can also highlight an item in your equipment list and click on Tasks, and then click the Renewal tab, to edit the renewal entries here:

Editing and moving the date forward will work the same as right clicking Update Expiration from the equipment screen.

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