Daily Inspections Setup

There are a number of industries which require daily inspections of equipment. This can include safety inspections, fluid level checks, tracking wear and tear, and more. You can setup a list of items to check daily within the software.

Please note, in order to setup a Daily Inspection you must already have a PM Schedule Template setup. If you need help with this, please see the PM Schedule Setup article.

To start, go to Setup | PM Schedule Templates. Choose the PM Schedule form the left and then click on the Daily Inspection Items tab.

Click on the New button on the bottom to add a new inspection item.

Type into the PM Service box what you'd like the inspection item to say. A type can be chosen and a Priority (optional) can be set. Press Save to save this item. Press Save+ to save this item and directly add another one.
Note: If a type you want to select isn't in the list, you can simply type whatever you'd like into this text box.

Once you have finished entering all of your daily inspection items, any equipment with this particular PM Schedule attached will have the ability to utilize these items for their daily inspection.

Filling Out A Daily Inspection

To fill out an inspection, go to your equipment list. Click the action button on the right and choose Record Inspection.

Next, you'll see an Inspection window. You can enter additional information on the top such as the inspector, mileage during inspection, and additional notes.

There is an option 'All OK' if you find nothing at fault. Check that something is at fault, and notice the Repair Request button lights up on the bottom. You can create a repair request directly from this screen for your convenience.

When finished, press Save. If you wish to inspect another piece of equipment, click the Save+ button and choose a different equipment unit # from the top drop down box.

How to I print a hard copy of the inspection checklist, so I can fill it out by hand?
On the top left of this screen click on Reports and choose Daily Inspection Checklist. A report will generate with the items you have added, along with corresponding check boxes.

How do I edit the Type drop down when setting up the Daily Inspection template and adding a new item?
Go to Setup | Choice Lists | Select Maintenance on the left and then select Task Types on the left underneath. On the right, add new Task Types to the list, or edit/delete items here. These link to the Daily Inspections.

Is there an option to perform a weekly or monthly inspection?
Unfortunately there is not a tab for weekly or monthly inspections, with their own lists. However, you are more than welcome to only fill out equipment inspections at whatever interval you are comfortable with.

Is there a report I can print of all inspections for all equipment, or selected equipment only?
Yes, go to Reports on the left. Then choose Equipment | Inspections | You will see a few reports here to choose from. On the top you can use the filter for All Equipment or Selected Equipment.

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