Adding Tires To Inventory And Equipment

To get started, click on Inventory from the menu on the left, and then click on Tires underneath. 

On the top right you can click New to add a tire. On the Add Tire screen you would enter the tire information, such as serial #, size and price:

Once you have the tires added here, we can add them to our equipment. Go to Equipment on the left, right click a piece of equipment and click Edit.  On the right side of the edit screen click on Tires to see Tire Information screen. Here you can specify number of axles on the vehicle, tire size and recommended pressure.

At this point, you can Save your changes if this is all the info you'd like to give on each vehicle. If you would like to assign specific tires to the vehicle, check the box "Show Tire Assignment screen on save" and press the Save button on the bottom. This will bring you to the Tire Assignment window.

Tire Assignment Window
On this screen, you will see a list of tires on the right hand side that are currently in your inventory. On the left you will see your axles with boxes where the tires are supposed to go. Highlight a tire you want to mount. At this point there are two ways to mount the tire. Drag the highlighted row to your chosen location on the left. Or, right click on the tire layout and click on Mount.

Once you mount a tire, the Add Tire History screen appears. Enter data into the fields here as needed and Save:

As your tires are mounted the light gray will turn to solid black, to let you know a tire has been mounted. If you assigned the wrong tire by accident, right click one of the solid black boxes and choose 'Dismount'. If you want to start over, press the 'Reset' button on the bottom.

Note that when right clicking on the Tire Layout, or right clicking on the Tire list on the right, you will have additional options that you can make use of. All actions performed on tires will show up under the Tire History report in the Reports section.

Save to complete the Tire assignment. Back on the Tires screen under Inventory, we can now see the tires are assigned to our vehicle. If you click the + sign to the left, you can see tire history, which will show when it was mounted/dismounted/inspected:

For additional information about working with tires you can access our in-program help page. Inside the software click on Help in the top menu | Contents | Click on Equipment | Click on the Tires section.

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