Inventory Quick Start Guide - How To Add & Use Parts

The Inventory part of the software is a powerful tool to help you manage parts and associate parts with your Work Orders and Maintenance tasks. Here is a brief overview of how the Inventory system works.

Step 1 - Add Parts To Inventory

Click on Inventory on the left and click the New button on the top right. 

The bare minimum you'll need on this screen in order to save is a Part Number. Fill out as much information as possible to help you easily reference what this part is when you look at this record later on. 

On the bottom you can choose the "Enable inventory tracking" option so that when a part is used for maintenance the quantity will automatically be removed from your inventory count. If you do not wish for the quantity to be kept up with automatically then leave this option unchecked.

Once you click on Save the part will show up in your Inventory. Note: Save + is used when you want to immediately enter another new part into inventory. This is useful if you're entering a lot of new parts in.

Step 2 - Use The Parts

Now that the part is in my inventory I can use it for a Work Order. Note that as soon as I add the part in the rest of the information entered from your 'New Part' screen earlier (such as unit cost, quantity available and vendor) gets automatically filled here:

If you have inventory tracking enabled, the part quantity will be removed from your current inventory and the quantity count automatically updates. Here I had 20 to start, 3 on the completed work order, so my Inventory shows I have 17 left:

That's the gist of it! We have added parts into the system and used them. Feel free to review our other articles which go over details such as receiving new quantity in of an existing part, and utilizing the Warehouse feature.

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