Schedule a Repair

Fleet Maintenance Pro includes a repair scheduling utility which allows you to schedule unexpected repairs that may occur with your equipment. Fleet Maintenance Pro will keep track of these repairs and notify you when they are due or soon due. When the repairs are completed in a work order, they will automatically be removed from the scheduled repairs database and logged to the history for that equipment.

  1. Select a piece of equipment.
  2. Click the "Schedule Repair" button.     
  3. (OPTIONAL) Choose a "Repair By/On" date. Fleet Maintenance Pro will flag the repair when a PM Check is activated as long as the current date is equal to or greater than this date. This field is useful if the repair can't be performed until a future date when the equipment is available.
  4. Select a driver or employee from the "Requested By" list. This is the employee that requested the repair.
  5. (OPTIONAL) Check the "Delay notification until next PM" button to delay repair notifications until a PM Service is due.
  6. In the "Enter Repairs Needed" list, click the "Add" button to insert a new row.     
  7. Begin typing the repair needed in the "Repair" column, such as "Replace parking light" - then, you can optionally select a "Type" or add "Comments".
  8. Click the smaller "Save" button below the repair list to save the repair record. (You can continue to enter multiple repairs in this list by repeating steps #7 though #9.)
  9. Once you are completely finished entering repair records, click the LARGE "Save" button on the bottom of the screen to save changes and return to the previous screen.

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