Inventory Warehouses

Inventory can be separated into different Warehouses. This is most commonly used when you have multiple physical locations where parts are present, and each location has its own quantity of parts that you wish to keep track of independently of each other.

To add a new warehouse, click on Setup at the top and choose Warehouses:

You will see a display of your currently setup warehouses. You can use the New button on the bottom to add a warehouse entry.

Assigning Inventory To Warehouses

On your Inventory screen, if you right click a part and choose Edit you'll see the Warehouse tab on the bottom. This will display the current warehouse your parts are in. If you wish to also add parts to a 2nd warehouse, click the Assign Warehouse button.

Clicking Assign Warehouse gives me the option to add another Warehouse tab and add inventory into that warehouse separately via the Adjust button:

The system will treat the quantities separately if the part exists in two warehouses. Also, any parts received or issued will need to have a warehouse designation. Here is an example of receiving a part into a different warehouse:

I've received the same part into two warehouses. Now the part is showing up twice on my Inventory screen. Is this normal?

Yes, the system will recognize that the same part number is in both warehouses. Here is an example:

On the left, if I choose "All Warehouses" then both will show. They won't combine together. If I only want to view one warehouse, I would click on "Warehouse #1" on the left for example, and it would show just my one entry:

Note: If you aren't seeing warehouses on the left, click the button to the left of the "Search parts" box to bring it up.

How do I choose which warehouse inventory pulls from on a Work Order?

When  adding a part to a work order you will be given a Warehouse option to choose from:

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