Receiving Parts

On your Inventory screen, click the Action button on the far right and choose Adjust. You can also right click the part and choose Adjust to get to the same screen.

This will bring up the Adjust screen:

For type choose 'Receipt' and enter data into the boxes. The most important boxes here will be the Quantity (amount you are adding) and Unit Cost. Here I have added 40 additional parts to my inventory. Press Save and your Inventory count will update. Notice, I've added 40 to my existing 17 to get my new total quantity:

To view all receipts made to a part, highlight the part and click the History button on the top right.

This will show all receipts made for this part number, along with how much of each receipt has been used.

What will happen if the Unit Cost on my receipt is different from the original Unit Cost?

Before directly addressing unit cost we need to address how our system pulls existing inventory to be used. Our system will track inventory based on First In First Out or Last In First Out. You can designate this by editing the part and choosing the option on the bottom in the Warehouse tab:

Whatever is chosen here will determine which parts get used first for Maintenance Tasks and Work Orders.

Based on this, whichever receipt our system pulls from, this is the same receipt it will pull the Unit Cost from. For example, in my screenshot above, we have 17 units remaining that were received originally at $10/unit. Once that receipt is exhausted, the system will then pull from the 40 quantity with the $12/unit price. This will automatically reflect on the Work Order.

What happens if I'm pulling parts from both receipts, which both have different unit prices?
The system is smart enough to know that there will be differing costs in this scenario. It will pull as many parts as possible from an existing receipt, and then create a second part entry with the rest of the quantity at the correct price.

As an example, I created a Work Order and added a part quantity that would use both receipts. Here is how it displayed to show the right unit cost for the same part, even though we pulled it from two separate part receipts:

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