Create Purchase Order

Our software includes the ability to issue a Purchase Order for a part in inventory. You will be able to enter in Part Receipts from the Purchase Order window.

To create a new Purchase Order, from your Inventory list click the Action button on the far right. Choose 'Create PO' and then 'Create new PO' if one has not been made already for this part. You can also right click the part name to get the create PO option.

This will bring you to the Edit Purchase Order screen:

You can set status on the top right, similar to a Work Order. The Ordered quantity is automatically pulled from the Reorder Qty box in your Edit Parts window. Highlight the line in Items and click Edit on the bottom. This will pull up the Edit Item window. Here you can update the order quantity to something else if you wish:

Changing the Purchase Order status on the top right to Received (partial) will let you type a number into the Received box:

Closing the Purchase Order will automatically receive the rest of the quantity and add it to the Inventory of the part. Inside of the Parts history you will see a receipt that corresponds to the quantity received from the Purchase Order.

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