Transferring Parts

If you have multiple warehouses, which each have their own physical location, you may wish to move some inventory from one warehouse to another. Or, you may stop carrying the part at one warehouse and only want to carry it at another. This can be a common occurrence if you are managing inventory at multiple locations.

In order to transfer part inventory between warehouses, go to your Inventory screen, click the Action button on the far right and choose Transfer. You can also right click a part name to get the Transfer option.

You will be presented with the Transfer window. Enter in where you'd like to transfer the part to along with Quantity. Checking "Transfer all" will automatically choose the full quantity available in order to transfer everything.

In Part History, you'll see an entry with the Reason you entered on the transfer screen:

I've transferred all parts out of one warehouse and into another. How do I remove the part from the old warehouse, so it doesn't show a duplicate entry on my Inventory window?

Edit the part. On the bottom of the edit window, right click on the Warehouse tab you want to remove it from and choose the Remove warehouse option.  Note: There must not be any quantity at the warehouse before doing this step.

This should remove the tab. Press Save on the bottom when finished.

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