How Is Equipment Downtime Calculated?

Under the Reports menu there is an option to run these two Equipment Downtime reports:

Equipment Downtime (Summary)
This will list equipment, the number of Work Orders completed and Total Downtime, based on the date range selected in the drop down box.

Equipment Downtime (Detailed)
This will list the same information as the summary report, except each Work Order, along with maintenance performed, will be displayed in more detail.

How does Downtime get calculated on the report?
The Downtime is the difference between a Work Order Started date & time and Completed date & time.

You can enter the Started date & time at the top right by clicking this drop down box:

Whenever the Work Order is completed, you will get a similar pop-up to enter the date & time of completion:

The difference between these two values is what's calculated on the report:

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