Equipment Usage (Summary) Report Results Too High/Low

The Equipment Usage (Summary) report, found at Reports > Equipment > Usage > Equipment Usage (Summary), calculates meter difference over time.  A minimum of two meter readings are required within the date range, otherwise the report will display "Insufficient Data."  The usage calculation is the highest value minus the lowest value in the range.

In some cases, you will see summary values far exceeding your expected meter usage.  This usually happens due to data entry errors, where users may have meter update entries made out of sequence.

Follow the steps below to check your Meter Update Log and adjust any incorrect entries:

Right click the equipment on your equipment list and choose the History option. Likewise, you can click the action button and choose History.

Click on the Meter Log tab.

You can click any Meter reading here and edit the values as needed.

Closing out of the window will automatically save the values you edited. Because of this, you will want to be extremely careful on this screen. Make sure to update only the entries you want to change. There is no way to undo any edits made here.

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