Completing an Inspection Record

To complete an inspection record for a unit, from the equipment list click the Action button on the right and choose Record Inspection.

On the top you can select the unit you are inspecting, the person inspecting it, the meter reading, general condition and notes. The Date box is pre-populated with today's date and cannot be edited.

Under this you will find the check list. Press 'All OK' if you wish to quickly mark all items as satisfactory.

If any items are marked as fault they will appear in red. On the right you will see a camera and wrench icon.

The camera icon is used to upload a photo of the damaged item. The wrench is used to create a repair request. 

Note that if you have multiple faults you can use the 'Bulk Repair Request' button on the bottom to make all requests at once.

Once a repair request is made, the equipment will show that a maintenance item needs to be addressed. The repair request can be cleared by either recording maintenance (standard / deluxe) or creating a Work Order for the request and completing the work order.

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