Blank Reports: MP Build Update and Run Upgrade Script

Your Work Orders, Purchase Orders, and Invoices may display blank if a report filter becomes "stuck" in place.  Here are the steps to reset your report filters.

If you are running the network version of the software, you will need to install the build update on  ALL computers!

1. As a precaution, start by making a backup of your database via File > Backup Data Files.

2. Download the build update here:

3. Double-click on mtcpro06_update_b68.exe to install the update.

4. From the Main Menu, go to Tools > Optimize/Repair Utility then click the Support tab

5.  RIGHT-click on the "Run Upgrade Script" button (note that this is a RIGHT click, not a left click)

6. Click " Yes"  to reset the report filters

** it will cause problems if different computers on your network are running different builds.  Please install the build update on ALL computers where you have installed the software.  Thank you!

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