Record Expense

Our system allows you to record General Expenses to equipment. General expenses are costs incurred to the unit that does not fall under normal maintenance costs. You can run reports on these General Expenses separately from your maintenance costs. Some common general expenses would be car washes or registration renewals.

To record an expense click the action button on a unit and choose Record Expense.

This will bring you to the New General Expense screen.

Specify the unit the expense is going to. This will already be filled in with the equipment you performed the action on.

Choose the date the expense was applied. You can back-date the expenseif needed.

Mileage / Kilometers / Hours
Enter in the odometer reading of the unit when the expense was made.

Specify part used
If this is checked you can apply a part from inventory to the expense (such as wiper blades for example).

Cost Center
Specify a cost center for the expenes.

Cost / Extended Cost
The cost can be edited and will include any part costs. Extended cost will be the grand total of the expense.

You can enter any notes about the expense here

Automatically log this expense
If this is a recurring expense that happens on a regular basis you can use the 'automatically log' option. This will post the general expense to the unit at the specific interval.

General expenses can be viewed in the equipment's history under the General Expenses tab.

You can also view them under General Expense reports.

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