Last PM Setup

Our system will track the last time any PM tasks were completed. The date and odometer reading of task completion is used to provide reminders and notifications of when the next PM task is due. The Last PM Setup window allows you to modify these values and tell the system when the last time a PM service was completed.

To edit these values click the action button for the equipment and choose Last PM Setup.

The Last PM Setup window will appear.

Each recurring PM task assigned to the unit will be listed on each row. On the right you will see a Last Performed section with values in blue. This is the last time the service was performed. You can click into the blue boxes to modify the values. Note that changing these will refresh the 'next due' interval for the task to match whatever values are entered.

The most common use case for being in Last PM Setup is when you add a new unit to the system. By default, the PM Services will start tracking from today's date and meter reading. You can go into Last PM setup and tell the system the last time the services were done, so that the notifications and maintenance tracking will be more accurate. If maintenance is completed for a PM task, the values are automatically updated here. Because of this most users only need to go into the Last PM Setup screen when adding new units, or if a unit is switching PM schedules.

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