User Interface Overview

You will want to get acquainted with the program layout so that you can quickly and easily find what you're looking for. Fleet Maintenance Pro 2020 has a refreshed look compared to older versions.

The Quick Actions button allows you to quickly access common functions from one central location, such as adding repair requests or creating new equipment.

Setup button gives access to program settings and user preferences.

The Reports button will bring up a list of reports you can run within the program. You can setup a list of up to 10 Common Reports (from Setup | User Preferences) for quick and easy access to the data you need.

The More button allows you to update values in the system, perform bulk actions, and view log files.

A new Global Search box allows you to quickly access specific records in your database. You can use this search box to quickly pull up records such as a unit ID, a Work Order number, a vendor name, a part number, etc.

Clicking your name on the top right allows you to access user preferences and manage usernames and passwords (if you have purchased the Security Module add-on).

Clicking your company name allows you to change company-wide settings.

The Tools option lets you backup and restore your data, along with performing data repair functions.

The ? Help button will provide access to this help guide, along with links to our website.

The left side panel is anchored so that it is easily accessible from anywhere in the program.

Selecting multiple records in a list will show a Bulk Actions function.

On many of the listing screens you may expand and collapse a Detail Pane on the top right to view additional detail as you navigate between records.

Utilize the Gear icon on the top right to show options such as hiding and showing columns.

On the Equipment List you will see a Detail and Action button on the right hand side.

The Detail button (paper icon) will show information about the equipment. The Action button (vertical ellipsis) will give you a list of actions you can perform on the object.

Here's an example of a list of available actions for a unit on the equipment list.

On other screens you will see an button (pencil icon) which can be used to modify the record.

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