Home Screen

The Home Screen displays when you first open the program.  Home provides a concise overview of those items in the program needing your attention, including equipment due for service, work orders in an open or pending state, parts inventory low on stock, employee renewals, and open invoices and purchase orders.

You can click the categories on the top to view specific records. 

In the Equipment Due category you can see a list of equipment that are due for service. You can quickly record maintenance or issue a Work Order from this list.

Checking multiple rows on the Equipment Due list will give access to Bulk Actions. You can create multiple Work Order at the same time using this feature.

The Inventory Low category will show us a list of parts that need to be re-ordered. Utilize the Actions button to adjust part inventory or create a Purchase Order.

The Employees Due category will give a list of any Employee Renewals that need to be addressed. Use the Update button to quickly change the expiration date for any of the renewal records.

Charts will be displayed on the right hand side. Clicking on the colored portions of the chart is a quick way to access specific records. In the example below clicking the green section of the chart will bring us straight to the Open Work Orders list.

On the top right there is a blue link for a Location filter. Use this to filter ALL results on the Home screen based on a specific location.

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