Maintenance History

When maintenance is performed or work orders are closed (Shop Edition), a record is logged to the maintenance history indicating the task name, parts used, labor costs, and more.  The maintenance history is useful for analyzing costs and detecting trends.

To view the maintenance history for your equipment:

1. Click the Action button for the equipment row.

2. Click the "History" option.

You can also right click the Equipment and choose History.

Or, click the Details icon and click the History category on the left side.

Viewing History

Upon following any of the methods above you will be brought to the History list, which is located within the Equipment Profile / Details window.

The drop down box on the top left for Dates lets you view history from a specific date period.  For example, companies with extensive histories for their equipment may want to only view history for the current year.

You can double click on a row, or click the pencil / edit button in the Actions columns, to open the Work Order ticket associated with the history entry. This allows you to make corrections or changes (Shop Edition only).

You can also click the red X on the right side to delete an erroneous history entry.

Utilize the Search box on the top right to help find a specific task name in the list. You can also create new maintenance or work order records via the +New button.

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