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Before adding your equipment into Fleet Maintenance Pro, you should define PM Schedule Templates.  A schedule template contains one or more preventive maintenance services that are required to be performed on a regular recurring interval.

When defining your PM Schedule Templates, if possible, it is recommended that you define them for groups of similar equipment.  For example, if you have 10 fork lifts that all follow the same routine maintenance cycles, you can create one PM Schedule Template for all 10 "Fork Lifts".  That way, if changes are made to the template at a later time (i.e. you alter a maintenance interval, add a PM service, etc.), all equipment assigned to that schedule will inherit the change instead of making the change individually to each piece of equipment.

An example of a preventive maintenance service would be an "Oil & Filter Change" with a 3 month or 3,000 mile interval.  Tracking intervals can include date, primary and secondary meters, and fuel consumption. Fleet Maintenance Pro uses these interval settings to automatically inform you when maintenance is due.

Once your schedule templates are defined you can choose an existing template to assign to equipment.  The equipment will inherit all PM services defined by the schedule you choose.  As indicated above, you can assign the same maintenance schedule to as many pieces of equipment as you need.   Also, you can define as many PM services within each schedule as you need.

TIP: Even though more than one piece of equipment can be assigned to a common maintenance schedule, each piece of equipment will still have its own unique last performed date and/or meter for each PM service in the maintenance schedule.  In other words, equipment assigned to the same maintenance schedule can still be due at different times.

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Setup PM Schedule Template

1.  On the main menu go to Setup | PM Schedule Templates, then click the blue + New button in the lower left corner.

2.  Enter a Schedule Name, select Track By parameters, and choose the Meter units.  Click Save.

You can now add PM services to this schedule.

3.  Click the + New button under the new blank PM Schedule Template.

4. Enter a Task Name, Type, and Priority.

Note the Enabled? option to temporarily disable a service, which will prevent notifications for this service from showing due, but will still allow the service to be added to a maintenance record or work order.

5. Configure the Frequency of the service, according to the tracking parameters you have enabled.  "Due every" indicates a recurring service, while "Due on/at" indicates a fixed date or meter service.

Here, you may also set the Notify In Advance date and/or meter period - this is when the equipment will highlight yellow in the Equipment Manager as "Soon Due" for the task, and when email notifications will be sent.

In the example above, since we have set two frequency parameters the one that appears FIRST will trigger the maintenance due notification.

TIP: the Parts/Labor/Instructions tabs will only appear after you have applied the PM Schedule Template to at least one unit of equipment.

6. Click the Advanced tab for more options, which include setting an estimated labor time, disabling email notifications, creating Linked Services, and setting either a termination date or seasonal period.

7. Click Save if this is the last PM Service to be included on the schedule template, or Save + to continue adding services.

TIP: In order to save time when setting up your PM Schedule Templates, you can Import PM Schedule Services from existing templates.  Some of your templates may vary only slightly, and importing will eliminate re-typing the same PM services already entered.

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Assign PM Schedule To Equipment

PM Schedules can be assigned to assets via the edit equipment screen. Double click the row in the equipment list to get to the edit screen. You can also right click a row and choose Edit.

Click the Select button on the top right to choose a new PM Schedule.

You will be presented with a list of PM Schedule Templates on the left side. Click the template name you wish to assign to this unit, then click OK to keep the selection. Click on Save on the main equipment edit screen to save the changes.

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Update Last PM Data

PM services are tracked based on a specific frequency. The system will save and update Last Performed values for each PM service, and then compare those values with the equipment's current odometer reading and the current date. When initially assigning a PM Schedule to a unit you will want to update the Last PM data to tell the system when each PM service was last performed.

To do so, click the action button on the equipment list and choose Task Setup.

You will see columns with the word 'last' in front. These columns contain your Last PM values. You can click into the boxes to update the values. Click the red X on the top right to save the changes.

Note that editing Last PM values is usually only done with new equipment, or when adding a new PM Schedule to a unit. The Last PM dates and meter readings will automatically be updated whenever a PM service has been completed.

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